Commercial Accounts

At Blind Magic, we are available to manage any size commercial projects. We offer discounts for large contract orders, do the measuring and installing. We offer cleaning and repair services for tenant improvement projects and try to work with all our contractors to fit budgetary needs.

Estimating projects is the first step in getting the work done. We will have one of our representatives’ meet with the supervisor, review the plan, and get you an estimate as soon as you need it.

We offer a wide variety of commercial grade window coverings. From mini blinds to beautiful roller shades, we can accommodate any need. You can even email us a set of plans or have us meet you for a walk though.

With years of experience covering windows, Blind magic is always ready to help you solve all of your window covering needs. To schedule your appointment with one of our Blind Magic commercial accounts design experts, please call our offices today at (916) 277-9856.

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