Motorized Blinds Sacramento

Motorized Window Coverings

Motorization is becoming more accessible than ever before. With homes being built with second story windows, skylights and hard to reach windows; motorization offers a simple solution. The new motors are sleek and quiet. They can function with a remote or wall switch for your convenience—or even your apple iPhone. You can operate one shade or several shades with one remote or wall switch.

Some of the window fashions that can be motorized include:

Applause and Duette honeycomb shades (including skylights and top down-bottom up shades), Chalet Wood and Country Wood Blinds, Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screen Shades, alternative or fauxwood blinds (such as the Everwood collection including Distinctions and Renditions), Luminette Privacy Sheers and Modern Draperies, Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds, Nantucket Window Shadings, Pirouette Window Shadings, Silhouette Window Shadings, and Skyline Gliding Window Panels.

Shades can protect your home from too much heat and sun; and motorization makes it easy to operate your window coverings—even if you are in another room. These motorized shades can come with a battery pack, they can be hard wired, or can plug into a 110 outlet.

There is something that works for every home and situation.  If you have a window behind a tub, a skylight, upper windows, or just want the convenience of opening your room’s shades with the press of a button, motorization could be great option.

Sacramento Window CoveringsSacramento Motorized Blinds

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