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Blind Cleaning in Folsom

Don’t go blind into your blind cleaning services. Contact us for years of experience and unbeatable solutions!

Blind Cleaning in Folsom

When your aesthetic design starts looking like an eyesore, contact our team for in-depth cleanings!

Blinds are a cost-effective version of shutters made from economical materials that withstand daily wear for eight to 10 years. Whether you choose a PVC or wooden style, the window treatment filters light, offers a view outdoors when you open the slats, and increases privacy when you close them. But the wide slat surfaces collect dust that quickly taints that view and may require a blind cleaning service in Folsom.

When you need someone to perform magic on your blinds and return them to their former glory, count on our locally owned and operated team. Our licensed and insured technicians at Blind Magic know how to tackle imperfections on any material type so you can keep your current sets longer.

Why Blind Cleaning Is Important

Imagine seeing fluffy buildup on each slat of your window treatment. It looks unappealing (especially when the sunlight hits it). Moreover, it lessens the open space between slats, letting less natural light into your home. 

While you may overlook these imperfections, your guests may find it offputting, and your employees and customers may think it unprofessional in your business space. We also suggest Folsom blind cleaning for the following reasons:

  • Better AQI: Everything from dust and pet dander to larger debris settle on these surfaces, but when they reenter your breathing air, they contribute to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. So, with regular cleanings, you eliminate allergens that lower air quality and raise health concerns. 
  • More safety: Sometimes, a lot more than dust threatens your home. Excess moisture and humidity, especially in darker areas of your home, contribute to toxic fungal, bacterial, and microorganism growth. 
  • Longer lifespan: Contaminants may seem harmless to your blinds, but they can threaten them just as much as they can threaten your health since they eventually cause scratches and other abrasions that weaken the surfaces. Over time, irreversible harm reduces blind integrity, requiring premature replacements.

Types of Cleaning Services We Provide

Not every blind cleaning service in Folsom is the same. Depending on the material type and what parts of your blinds need cleaning, we have different cleaning options available. 

Our most common one includes wet cleaning, where we mix lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution to rid your blinds of dust and stains. This expert blind care in Folsom, CA, is best when dealing with all hard materials (like PVC and faux wood) and durable cloths like cotton and cotton blends. It’s also best when removing non-toxic imperfections, but in other cases, we may offer the following:

  • Dry cleaning for more delicate fabrics like silk, voile, and linen helps protect the materials from abrasive brush scrubbing since it comprises gentle hand washing instead.
  • Steam cleaning becomes necessary for stubborn deposits that refuse to budge with regular wet or dry cleanings. It helps soften dust, dander, and other dried-on particles while sanitizing for fungal and bacterial growth so a professional can easily wipe them away with a cloth. 
  • Experts usually use ultrasonic cleanings with other cleaning services to remove grime from unreachable areas. This affordable blind cleaning in Folsom utilizes sound waves at high frequencies to vibrate the debris off.

The Cleaning Process

Before deciding which Folsom blind maintenance solutions to use, our experienced team thoroughly inspects the blinds to better understand what messes and materials we’re dealing with. Afterward, we carefully remove the blinds and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to clean the surfaces.

If the blinds are wet after treatment, we leave them to dry before hanging them back up and reinspecting them. 

Don’t Go Blind Into Blind Cleaning; Trust Our Team for Solutions!

While occasionally wiping down window fixtures keeps them looking new for longer, there eventually comes a time when you look at your blinds and wonder when a certain irremovable stain occurred. When that happens, our Folsom window blind cleaning services save you a lot of grief and futile cleaning attempts. 

At Blind Magic, we believe in improving home decor with our superior service guarantee and years of experience. So, whether you need a blind cleaning service in Folsom, California, or an installation or repair, call (916) 892-1242. We’ll provide a free quote today!

FAQs About Blinds 

What kinds of blinds do you clean?

Our team cleans horizontal and vertical blinds with slats that are one to two inches wide. The materials usually include cloth, metal, faux, plastic, and vinyl.

Can we bring our blinds in?

Bring your blinds to a showroom for professional cleanings if you would rather come to us. Otherwise, call our professional blind cleaners in Folsom for same-day pick-ups, cleanings, and drop-offs. 

Do you use approved methods?

Yes, for any Hunter Douglas products, we use the brand’s methods when conducting blind cleaning service in Folsom for the best results. 

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