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Can’t take the heat? Let your window coverings take it for you!

Not only are we in a drought, but it is hot out there! Summer is a time for fun and spending time outside, but sometimes it’s so hot that coming inside to get out of the heat is important. This time of year energy bills usually sky rocket because of how much it costs to cool our homes.

Did you know that your home takes in the most heat through its windows? With that knowledge, you now have a great place to start in helping your home be much cooler and more energy efficient. There are many types of shades available that will help with energy efficiency.

You know what’s also great about them? They can also help you sleep better because many have the option to be room darkening or completely blackout shades.  The days in the summer are so long, that not only do you need energy efficiency, but you need something that will help tone down the light from the outside so you and your kids can get a good night’s sleep. It’s a scientific fact, that darkness causes the body to produce melatonin, which in turn is what gives us a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re finding it hard getting your kids back into their school time sleep schedule, or you are just having trouble going to sleep when it may still be light outside, room darkening or blackout shades are the right choice for you! There are a wide variety of shades that offer energy efficiency and room darkening options. I’ll give a few examples below, but to get all the info, you should contact us.

This Luminette has blackout and can also just have room darkening if you don’t want it as dark.

This is an example of Duettes with blackout. It can also be made in room darkening.

Silhouettes are a great option because they can be made in blackout or room darkening. They can also be mounted inside or outside the window frame to possibly eliminate even more light.

Shutters are a great choice for room darkening since they close tightly, and can be made to fit custom shapes!

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