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Easter is almost here!

I can’t believe that we are almost to Easter. This year is already flying by. Easter like most holidays, brings family and friends together. If you are hosting the Easter festivities in your home you might consider getting some new window coverings or getting your current ones cleaned/ repaired as part of your spring cleaning. […]

Spruce up your home for the Holidays!

             We are in the midst of the holiday season which is a lot of fun, but also can be stressful. The holidays are generally the time of year when we most gather together with our families and friends. This makes for wonderful memories, but can be stressful if you […]

Can’t take the heat? Let your window coverings take it for you!

Not only are we in a drought, but it is hot out there! Summer is a time for fun and spending time outside, but sometimes it’s so hot that coming inside to get out of the heat is important. This time of year energy bills usually sky rocket because of how much it costs to […]

Increasing the value of your home

Have you ever looked for small things you can do that will increase the value of your home? Yes, I know that very few “small” things can actually increase home value, but choosing window coverings has the potential to. To state things plainly, most window coverings will not increase your home value. However, plantation shutters […]

Window Coverings for your bathroom

Have you ever noticed how much damage a lot of steam can do to certain things in your home? Especially in the bathroom, steam can be a source of mold, and other problems. (That is why painters use a certain type of paint in bathrooms). Have you ever thought about what type of window coverings […]

Natural Light, Your Window Coverings, and Your Health

So what is all the hype over using natural light? Well, the more natural light you use, the more energy you save. Artificial lighting in your home can make up about 25%-40% or your energy bill. Having natural light in your home can also do wonders to regulate our moods and energy levels. Have you […]

Timely Repairs Can Extend the Life of Your Window Coverings

Ok, ok, I know that it is obvious that getting your window coverings repaired can extend their life… but is it really? How often do we notice something wrong on our blinds, but just deal with it and not actually fix the problem? I’d say this happens more often that you would think. Did you […]

Why Clean Your Window Coverings?

Our homes are full of dust and dirt. These allergens can make you feel downright awful if you have allergies. Keeping your home clean is essential to cut down on the level of these allergens in the air in your home. Your blinds and window coverings collect a TON of dust and dirt overtime. So […]

More Privacy

During the winter months I’m sure you’ve noticed how early it gets dark! This means that we are using lights inside our homes much earlier in the day and overall we are using them more. Believe it or not, you and your family’s privacy may be compromised. Anytime there is more light inside the house […]

Product Spotlight: Newstyle Hybrid Shutters with free upgrade!

The New Style hybrid shutters are really a superb product! They are a blend of wood and other modern day materials to make them more durable than a real wood shutter would be.  They feature Truemill joints and Crosslink construction which makes them resistant to bowing and warping. They are also finished with a wood […]