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Child Safety Month- Are your window coverings safe?

Ask yourself this question, “Are my window coverings safe?” Most people don’t think window covering safety is something that pertains them, but it effects everyone.

Whether it be your kids or pets, window coverings can turn into potential hazards.

More and more manufacturers are making their items available in cordless and motorized. Replacing old corded blinds and shades can be a good addition to your home decor while providing safety.

Blind Magic sells many different brands with several styles, fabrics and colors to choose from.

Keeping a child’s room safe

Safety and beauty in one

Perfect for a nursery

Just right for every room

Our goal is to increase consumer awareness while introducing you to new and improved products. October is Child Safety Month and there are lots of promotions available, stop by our showroom and let us show you how to make your children and pet safety a top priority!

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