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Easter is almost here!

I can’t believe that we are almost to Easter. This year is already flying by. Easter like most holidays, brings family and friends together. If you are hosting the Easter festivities in your home you might consider getting some new window coverings or getting your current ones cleaned/ repaired as part of your spring cleaning. Whatever your plan of action for your window coverings, rest assured that Blind Magic can help!


It is so important to have regular maintenance done on your window coverings. Regular cleaning and repairs can make your blinds and shades last longer. We recommend having them cleaned at least once a year,  maybe more if you live in an area that has more dirt and dust in the air. When you have them cleaned, ask the technician to look for any operational problems, sometimes problems aren’t evident until something breaks, but there are some problems we can see coming and can help fix before they happen. Also if something does break be sure to have us look at it sooner than later as even a small problem can cause bigger ones if left unfixed.

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