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More people are “Going Green” now than ever before. It seems as though we are becoming more educated on our planet and how we can affect it. With global warming on the rise, more of us are looking into options that allow us to be a part of the solution.
Most of us are familiar with recycling; riding our bike instead of using our car, saving our bottles and cans, and using energy saving appliances but there are ways to go green that you may not know about. Window coverings are now covered under the “Going Green” movement. Manufacturers are using recycled materials to create window coverings and shutters are being made with materials that are safe for everyone.
Some of the manufacturers have also reconfigured the way they package their materials and have cut down the usage of shipping supplies. Window covering products can play a green part by helping to reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as to suppress outside noise pollution. Skandia vinyl shutters are recycled once the metals are removed from the products. Many roller shade materials are rated for clean indoor air quality and some are rated as fire retardant. A number of roller shade materials also are made with materials that are mildew and mold resistant.


If you are looking into buying window coverings and want to have the Greenguard on your products, come into our show room and let us show you how to be a part of the solution.

Next month is Child Safety Month, follow our blogs and find some great deals!

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