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How to Clean Your Window Blinds

Having window blinds and shades throughout your home requires a lot of cleaning maintenance.  Dust mites and allergens live on your blinds and shades. We recommend a professional cleaning every 6 to 24 months, depending on the type of window coverings you have, to keep your family healthy.

Here is a link from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America about dust mites and how they could affect your family:

This is an up close image of a dust mite.

Ultrasonic cleaning destroys bacteria, removes pollen, dust & other particles which can contribute to many health problems.

If you’re tired of cleaning your own blinds—or if the dirt and stains on your blinds seem impossible to clean on your own—contact Blind Magic, your Sacramento blind cleaning professionals. We have sophisticated equipment that will make cleaning even the dirtiest of blinds a breeze.

Our safe and effective ultrasonic cleaning method will thoroughly remove any contaminants while also ensuring that your blinds aren’t damaged in any way. Our anti-static rinse will also help reduce future dust and dirt buildup.

Metal mini blinds

Blind Magic offers a mobile cleaning service too, so let get our homes ready for the holidays! Call today and make an appointment.

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