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Light Changes Everything

Light is very important part of our life. It can affect our mood, the way we sleep or the illuminating affect we might want in our home. You  may want to soften the light eliminate the light or have plenty of light while protecting your things from UV rays.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing new window covering

Privacy: This is an important decision to make. Do you have neighbors that can see right in your room? Or maybe you have a patio door and you want to see outside? There are options for every element of privacy.

Light: Choices are from sheer to black out. Maybe you have a bedroom that needs to have the black out option or a dining room that needs to be light an airy.

Style: Are you contemporary? Traditional? Or art Deco? The taste in your home can be reflected in window coverings too. There are beautiful options for every style.

Energy Efficiency: Even if you have dual or triple pane windows, having an energy efficient window covering is very important. In the Sacramento area we have a very colds winter and the summer is scorching hot. There are many different window coverings that offer a wide range of energy efficient levels that can help control the temperature in your home.

UV Protection: It’s a fact that UV rays from the sun can damage anything and everything. If your floors, furniture or art pieces are in a heavily sunned area, you might want to consider the types of shades that protect you from this damage.

Safety: Last but definitely not least, is safety. Window covering manufacturers are recognizing that children and pets may be at risk. Dangling cords could be hazardous for your home. There is a wide range of control options that are designed with safety in mind. Consider your options so you can make your home a safe haven.

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