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October- Child Safety Month

In the window covering industry, October is recognized as Child Safety Month. Child safety has always been important but there are product s and improvements being made that make window coverings one less thing to worry about. Cordless shades and blinds are one of the most effective ways to child proof a window covering. This option has become available on almost every product offered.

Some of the items in your home right now might be unsafe for children and pets. There are ways to bring your current items up to safety standards. Many of us have corded blinds in our homes but the trouble is any cords that are tied together in a tassel can create a choking hazard. Unfortunately there have been strangulation deaths reported from the cords on blinds. Therefore, it’s important for us to recognize these facts and make the change.


Some things you can start with are making sure all your cords have no knots and are not tied together. Having a cord cleat mounted on the wall allows you to wind lengthy cords up on the wall, so the cords are not hanging down. Mounting continuous loop cords to the side of the wall, instead of free hanging and make sure break away tassels are installed properly on your blinds. If you need help getting you house “baby proofed”, schedule an appointment for our technician to come to your home, review what needs to be changed, and fix it for you.

Continuous Loop

There are so many beautiful options for child and pet safe window coverings, including honeycomb shades, roman shades, sheer shades, faux wood and wood blinds, shutters and more. In our showroom we have many of the child safe options displayed. Besides doing cordless shades and blinds, there are other control options that offer the same child safe benefit. Continuous loop cords, Hunter Douglas’s Ultraglide system, or break away tassels are several alternatives. It’s important to get the option that best suits your needs and when the technician comes to your home, he will make sure your window coverings are up to safety standards.
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