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Popular Blinds for Your Climate

Depending on the climate you live in, blinds could be crucial to keeping your home at a manageable temperature. With winter fast approaching, temperatures are going to be dropping for some.  Choose the blinds that are most practical for keeping your home insulated. While it may not be practical to switch your blinds every season, there are a few different types that will help you in both types of weather. Choose the blinds that best fit your climate.

Pleated blinds

pleated blinds

These are made from pleated fabric, and are opened usually by a string, which can be pulled to bring the blinds to sit flat up above the window. There are honeycomb blinds that are like these that are made of multiple layers, which join to trap air, creating insulation.

This insulation can be helpful when it comes to the cold winter temperatures. When icy temperatures hit, your windows are the point where most of the heat is lost. Prevent this by keeping these blinds down during the winter.

Bamboo blinds


These blinds are made of horizontal slats, heavy to keep out the elements. In both seasons, these blinds can work to keep out the outside temperatures, preserving the warmth, or cool air that is inside your home.

During the summer, keep these blinds closed during the day as much as you can. This will block sunlight from entering, keeping the room from heating up beyond normal temperatures. At night you can open the window to let in a breeze, cooling down the house more effectively, just make sure to close it by the time the temperatures rise again.

During the winter, these blinds also make a great option for insulation. Keep them closed to prevent the cold from entering into your home. Although the winter sunshine can be beneficial to the warmth of your home, make sure to close them right after the sun is no longer strong enough, or effective enough to warm the home. It is obvious that a lot of the cold comes through the window just by touching it on a freezing winter’s day, prevent this from happening.

Choosing the right blinds for your home can be a challenge. Select those that will be beneficial for your climate. At Blind Magic, we can help you find the best blinds for your home. Contact us today to start getting the most from your blinds.

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