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Product Spotlight: Newstyle Hybrid Shutters with free upgrade!

The New Style hybrid shutters are really a superb product!

They are a blend of wood and other modern day materials to make them more durable than a real wood shutter would be.  They feature Truemill joints and Crosslink construction which makes them resistant to bowing and warping. They are also finished with a wood grain look which makes it difficult to tell that they are a composite material.

Not only that they, but they can be made to fit a wide variety of specialty shapes too! Contact us about this amazing product now and receive a free upgrade to the true view rear tilt which will save you nearly 15%!

Closeup of Newstyle Hybrid Shutter with Truview

Truview option even in a custom shape!

Standard front tilt bar in a custom shape.

Newstyle Hybrid Shutter with the standard front tilt bar.

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