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Purchasing new for holidays


Every year around the holidays, the manufacturers like to offer some incentives to help you purchase new window coverings. Click on our Current Promotions tab to see which incentive fit your needs. We all like to update items in our homes. Rather than waiting until your blinds and shades have fallen apart, start looking for new window coverings now. If new is not an option, how about using our repair or cleaning service to spruce up your existing blinds or shades.

In our showroom we have displays for you to look at and work the different types of controls or mechanisms; this will help in making the right decision. Don’t let budget stand in the way of getting rid of the old and replacing with new. We offer many brands with different price points, allowing us to meet any budgetary need. The holidays give us a great excuse to shop and spruce up our home. Be the best host you can be by making your home look fabulous, and let us help!

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