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Transform your sleep

Now that the kids are getting back to school, we start embarking on the sleep schedule again. During these summer months our days are longer. Even though it’s great having more sunshine in our day, with life’s demands, sleep can become a chore with the sun blazing in.
Whether it’s for you or your kids, keeping the sun out of your room during sleeping hours can be the key to getting a great night’s sleep. When my kids were little, if the sun was shining in their room that was their alarm clock. Trouble is, in the summer months, the sun comes up at 6am and doesn’t go down until 9pm, so investing in a black out shade or room darkening window covering can solve that problem.
Black out window coverings have the ability to take almost all the light out of a room and can mean the difference between waking at 6am on Saturday or 8am. Honeycomb shades are a great solution for this scenario, as they have a snug fit in the window and they can be made with a black out fabric on the inside of each cell making the room pitch black. There are no cord holes for the sun to come in through and just a tiny halo on the side of the window for any light to get in.

Blackout shades can add hours to you and your children’s sleep.

Many brands are offering a trim solution as well. It’s a vinyl trim piece that goes around your window to give an extra inch of overlap to the blind. This eliminates any halo of light around your window.

If honeycombs are not the style you are looking for, there are many other options available for room darkening such as; Shutters, window shades, woven woods, roller shades and many more. No matter what your needs and likes are, we have great options for you.

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