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Why Clean Your Window Coverings?

Our homes are full of dust and dirt. These allergens can make you feel downright awful if you have allergies. Keeping your home clean is essential to cut down on the level of these allergens in the air in your home. Your blinds and window coverings collect a TON of dust and dirt overtime. So cleaning them can reduce your suffering from allergies drastically.

You made an investment when you purchased your window coverings. Why not protect and preserve that investment for as long as possible by regular cleaning and maintenance. You may not know this, but dirt and grime can cause fabric window coverings to rot out much more quickly. Not only that, but dust accumulation can cause paint to fade and chip faster.  So why not take just a little time to call us so we can help you protect your investment with our ultrasonic blind cleaning and repair services. The process is quick and we can even come to you so you don’t have to worry about taking them down or anything. We will also inspect the blinds we clean and if there appears to be something wrong with them, we will let you know, and give you an estimate on the repair too. Call us today and take advantage of our current special for spring cleaning!

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