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Window Coverings for your bathroom

Have you ever noticed how much damage a lot of steam can do to certain things in your home? Especially in the bathroom, steam can be a source of mold, and other problems. (That is why painters use a certain type of paint in bathrooms).

Have you ever thought about what type of window coverings would be best in the bathroom? There are many blinds that are made to handle lots of moisture and many that aren’t.

Aren’t wood blinds beautiful? They can bring a more natural feel to your home, tying it in with nature existing outside. However, have you ever seen what happens to wood when it gets too wet, and is left that way? It tends to warp, become discolored, and lose its finish. That is why wood blinds should be avoided in bathrooms where there tends to be little ventilation. A great alternative would be faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made to look like real wood, but they are made of material guaranteed not to warp, discolor, or lose its finish.

Faux wood blinds are a great alternative to natural wood blinds!

Faux wood blinds won’t warp, discolor, or lose their finish like wood blinds can.

Cloth blinds or drapes can be so elegant and beautiful. However, they too are not the most ideal for a bathroom situation. Especially in bathrooms that get little air circulation. Humid settings can cause cloth to grow mold. Mold can lead to allergies and other health problems. That’s why it is best to avoid most cloth blinds or drapes (with a few exceptions).

There are a few cloth blinds that actually do alright in the bathroom.


Finally, what does metal tend to do when it is left wet for too long? That’s right, it rusts! Rust on blinds makes them wear out faster, not to mention it just doesn’t look good. Don’t worry, most metal blinds won’t rust easily, but if they are in a bathroom that stays pretty humid, it could easily happen. Especially if the blinds are the type of cheap mini blinds you can find for $10-$15 at your local store.

So there you have it, the types of blinds that should be avoided in the bathroom. I bet you are wondering what options you have now for the bathroom? Give us a call, or come visit our showroom, and we can give you a lot of great suggestions and tips when we come out to give you a free estimate on your new blinds.

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