Call blind magic for horizontal mini blinds in North Highlands, CAHorizontal Blinds

Venetian blinds, now known as mini blinds have been around for ages. With new lifting systems, colors and quality, metal blinds could be a perfect upgrade or addition to your home.  If you like the ability to control the light by tilting the slats or being able to open them up completely, these blinds could be right for you. You have many different options to choose from that will fit into any budget.

Micro blinds come in 1/2″ slats, mini blinds come in  1″ slats and macro blinds come 2″ slats, specialty shapes and incline windows. Hunter Douglas Reveal metal blinds allow you to maximize your view.

Vinyl Horizontal blinds come in 1″ or 2″ slats. We offer many different patterns and colors to bring color to your windows. Vinyl blinds are easy to keep clean and can work well in any budget.

With years of experience covering windows, Blind magic is ready to help you solve all of your window covering needs today. To speak with one of our Blind Magic design experts, please call our offices at (916) 277-9856.