Call Blind Magic for Custom Designed Roller Shades in North Highlands, CARoller Shades

Need something to help cut down on heat loss or intake? Or maybe you want to let light in, but want more privacy than regular blinds can give when open? Roller shades may just be the perfect option for you!

Roller Shades at a glance:

  • Can be vinyl, woven wood, fabric, or fiberglass
  • Easy care
  • Wide range of opacities
  • Many options for valances and bottom rails
  • Can be installed on the interior or exterior of your window
  • Dual or single shades
  • Great for your home or business!

Interior: Designer roller shades are installed only on the interior of your window. They come in a wide variety of colors, and there are even different patterns and fabrics to choose from. There are many different valance options and decorative bottoms to choose from? There are somewhere near 200 different fabric types with varying opacities to choose from! The openness of the fabrics vary from 0% light entry to 14%.  All of these options make them highly customizable.

Interior: Designer roller shades can be dual or single shades. Dual shades are a nice feature because with a dual shade, you don’t get just protection from the hot or cold, you also get privacy, even at night! The dual shade also gives a nice layered effect which adds more dimension to your window.

Exterior: Designer screen shades can be installed on the exterior of your window in order to block the sun’s rays before they even hit the window. This may help reduce the cost of Air Conditioning, and cuts down on glare. They can also be installed on the interior of the window. We recommend lighter colors to help with temperature control, and darker colors for better visibility.

Exterior: Designer screen shades are made of weather resistant vinyl coated fiberglass yarns that are also easy to clean. So, even though they are for the exterior of the window, you can rest assured that they will stay looking great with little effort on your part.

Not only that, but roller shades are easy to clean and maintain which also makes them ideal for a commercial setting!

Thinking roller shades might be just the thing, but have hard to reach windows? No worries! Roller shades can be motorized as well, so you can control them with just the click of a button or the flick of a switch.

With years of experience covering windows, Blind magic is always ready to help you solve all of your window covering needs. To schedule your appointment with one of our Blind Magic custom design experts, please call our offices today at (916) 277-9856.