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Shutters in Folsom

Turn to Blind Magic for beautiful handcrafted shutters. Call today for an estimate!

Shutters in Folsom

Turn to Blind Magic for beautiful handcrafted shutters in Folsom, CA. Call today for an estimate!

Designing the perfect interior space requires the right window covering. At Blind Magic, we have beautiful shutters Folsom homeowners will love, regardless of their style. Our showroom contains a diverse range of window treatments, including wooden and vinyl plantation shutters. 

Don’t let your home or office feel incomplete because it doesn’t have the proper window treatment. Our team is here to help elevate any space and answer your questions. Stop by our showroom or schedule a consultation to discover top-quality window coverings with shutters in Folsom, CA. 

Wooden Interior Shutters in Folsom, CA

If you want custom window shutters in Folsom, you can’t go wrong with a natural hardwood design. Wooden shutters are one of the most popular options we carry and suit any space. Since Folsom receives plenty of sunshine and very little precipitation, you can let an abundance of natural light into your home with wooden plantation shutters. 

The design options are endless between the many stain and paint colors you can choose from. In addition, you can customize your Folsom plantation shutters to fit various windows and with different sized louvers. Take advantage of all the natural light your kitchen receives with larger louvers, or choose a smaller option for greater privacy in other rooms. 

What makes these shutters Folsom homeowners’ favorite? In addition to the design versatility, wooden shutters offer the following benefits:

  • Sustainability: Suppliers use eco-friendly forest management techniques when sourcing wood for shutters. 
  • Increased property value: The timeless design of wood plantation shutters appeals to countless home buyers. If you sell your property in the future, having these window coverings can boost its overall value.  
  • Easy-to-operate with motorized options: Unlike blinds that feature hazardous cords, shutters are safe and easy to adjust. Households with young children or pets don’t have to worry about cords causing harm. For added convenience, you can choose to motorize your blinds. 

Make the informed choice to install wooden shutters and contact Blind Magic to begin the design process. 

Vinyl and Composite Shutters

Folsom property owners can’t get enough wooden shutters. However, the cost of natural wood can be beyond the budget for some. If you want the visual appeal and durability of wood shutters without the high price, a composite material is the perfect solution.

Vinyl and composite shutters provide many of the same benefits as authentic wood shutters, including the option for motorized use. They have an elegant design that suits many modern homes. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these shutters is the synthetic materials make them more durable than wood. 

Your shutters won’t face damage from the sun’s UV rays or moisture. The low cost and long-lasting material of vinyl shutters make them a worthwhile investment for any property owner. Install composite shutters in your Folsom property if you want to avoid the following damage to your window treatments:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Fading
  • Warping

In addition, composite shutters insulate your home so you have better temperature control. Your heating and cooling system won’t have to use as much energy to keep your home comfortable, thanks to the effective insulation properties of these window treatments. 

Your Trusted Team for Shutters Installation in Folsom 

Don’t waste time searching the Internet for “Folsom shutters installers.” Instead, turn to Blind Magic for all your window treatment needs. We specialize in designing and installing shutters Folsom homeowners will love. 

Whether you visit our budget-friendly showroom or schedule an in-home consultation, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the window treatments that suit your style. We never charge extra for measurement and installation. Once your shutters are ready, professional installers will come to your property and quickly secure them to the windows. 

We also serve commercial property owners who are looking to revamp their space with fresh, stylish window treatments. Reach out to our team if you have a commercial space in need of window coverings. Not only do we offer free measuring and installation, but we also provide special discounts on large contract orders. 

Blind Magic has interior shutters Folsom, CA, homeowners can’t get enough of. If your home or office needs some sprucing up, let our experts show you the difference that handcrafted, stylish shutters can make. Visit our showroom or call us to speak with one of our friendly specialists. 

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