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Our Shutters

At Blind Magic, we provide custom designed shutter window treatments that perfectly accentuate your living space in every way.

Quality Window Blind Service

Exceptional expertise and care in the installation, repair, and maintenance of window blinds, ensuring satisfaction with every project

Hardwood & Vinyl

Shutter Designs

At Blind Magic, we don’t just cover windows; we elevate your living space. Our custom-designed shutter window treatments are the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Let us guide you through the possibilities:

Our Hardwood Shutters blend elegance with durability. Crafted from high-quality natural wood, they exude timeless charm. Whether you prefer a rich mahogany hue or pristine white, our hardwood shutters can be customized to match your aesthetic. Plus, their classic louvers allow you to control light and privacy effortlessly.

For those seeking affordable luxury, our Vinyl Shutters are the answer. These low-maintenance alternatives mimic the look of wood but come with added benefits. Resistant to moisture, they’re perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from an array of colors to complement your decor, and enjoy easy cleaning—all without compromising on style.

The Best Quality Services

Top-notch installation, repair, and customization options.

Warranty & Maintenance

Comprehensive coverage and upkeep services to ensure longevity and optimal functionality.

Our Shutters

Some Of The Styles Of Shutters That We Carry

Window shutters offer timeless elegance and versatile light control, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space.

Qualified Professionals


Shutters provide unmatched privacy and are great for high heat and moisture areas.


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