Child Safety

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Child Safety

Here at Blind Magic we take your and your loved one’s safety seriously. The month of October is child safety month in the window coverings world, but we try and promote safety year round. Did you know that children can easily become entangled in long cords from your window coverings? Any cords that are tied together are especially hazardous. Any home where children are present (even for short visits) should be examined for safety hazards especially your window coverings.


We have many options available to you when you purchase new window coverings which will make your shades safer, such as cordless lift systems, or continuous loop cords with tie downs. There are also steps that can be taken to make your current shades safer, such as cord cleats, and break away tassels. Some safety upgrades are simple and are something you can do yourself, and others are more complicated and would be something you should bring to us to make safer. This website even has a kit that you can order for free that will make many blinds safer! Contacts us now for a consultation on what should be done to make your window coverings safer for the kids in your life.